Who, What, Where?

Welcome to Entreprelution.com
You are here to enjoy yourself and receive some of the best insight into online business building, specifically running Companies – Client Relationship Management & Operation Efficiency.
As a business student I have grown fond of unconventional methodology when it comes to business practises.  I foresee a future of decentralized companies, operating in specificity among their respected industries.
This website is a platform via Blog and Podcast to explore and understand what I call The Entreprelution


I will not tell you that University was not worthy investment, nor that you shouldn’t work your day job – that is none of my business.

What I will share with you about myself is my experience and foresight into building companies online!

– Certainly: “There is no mediocrity Involved in achieving Longevity”.

It is my best intention that you find this site useful and beneficial against your own ambitious goals.

Enjoy the Entreprelution

All the best