The Entrepreneur Gift On Living

An Entrepreneur needs to practice the art of balanced living in order to sail the seas of chaos.


It can be extremely exciting beginning your new journey as an Internet Entrepreneur.  You are entering the realm of uncertainty.  The waves, up and down, you and your business must ride whether you like it, or whether you expect it or not.


It is definitely not a journey for the faint of heart.  You need to really define your character by knowing yourself.  This is building your new dream, making it a reality solely depends on you.


So get to know yourself, and know Entrepreneur yourself well.


Organize the Entrepreneur.


Keeping yourself organized and knowing what is happening around you are probably the biggest factors in making progress or just drifting along.


Having goals and ambitions are one thing, but knowing where you stand is another.


You are doing yourself a favor by knowing what tasks are of more importance.  Making it clear that wasting your time is not good, and knowing what is a waste of time will save you much grief.
Always document your progress – what due dates are arriving for you to have completed.


Going a long and not trying to have direction to just see what happens only works for so long.  It’s most effective on vacation, not when it involves taking care of business.







When you have all of your objects mapped out it makes focusing much easier.  It’s far too easy becoming distracted when you don’t know where you stand.  You have to be ruthless with your time; it’s your most valuable asset.



Having no distractions by keeping well aware of what stops you from making progress is extremely important!


Try to weed out activities that you find yourself engaging, but accomplish little:


Facebook – Do not stay signed in, or leave your Facebook page open, more than likely people will start chatting and the constant updates are only going to distract you!


Twitter – You don’t need to available for every update; time it for a period in the evening when the day’s duties are fulfilled.


Email Checking – Should be done twice at most daily (11am & 4pm).  Use this time wisely and reply without distraction, then it’s done.  Also, use as many filters as you can to blow out unnecessary updates from websites that don’t add value you to your business.  Don’t worry so much about being available 24 hours a day because clients can wait.  If it’s an emergency, they will most likely call you anyway.


Work Environment – Try to find a place that is noise free or at least somewhere you can listen to music and get your work done.  It’s typically not advised that you work from home, at least not always.  There are a ton of cafes, libraries, universities, and wireless spots you can connect with and work.  The beauty of being mobile is that you’re free and not confined to specified location.



Attack Consistently & Win Small Doses:



That’s all she wrote, and that’s all you need to do – make things happen, one thing at a time.



You must understand by now that we cannot build Rome in a day.  We have to scale our efforts and use them wisely for the most appropriate outcome.  You can do it and there’s nothing stopping you, nothing except disorganization.  So combat that by doing your best, but don’t rush into it.

Work your way into consistency, by winning small steps and you’ll be running your business in no time!



Keep the Entreprelution going,


Until next time…

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