Secret Ingredients For Taking Action | 9 Lessons For Internet Entrepreneurs

Secret Ingredients for taking action:

I’m serious..


You need to have an understandable take on your current situation to make segue into your future:


  •      You want to be successful.
  •      You want to be independent of your current job. 
  •      You want to build businesses.
  •      You want to mobile (why can’t you work from anywhere you want).
  •      Above all you want to create your unique footprint in the world. 



The revolution for taking matters into your own hands is here.  It is incredible and up to you to see it through. Basically these opportunities to make your dreams come true are there for the taking.


taking action





1 Results are only acquired by Taking Action:



Sorry to sound so obvious, but it really is the challenge every startup faces, both collectively and worst of all, individually.  I am telling you that there are no magic formulas.  You have to try, and try again, to keep going and see your effort into results.



Undoubtedly you will find what works in particular challenges you face.  Sometimes we make mistakes, poor decisions, but you’re better off to keep trying instead of endlessly scouring for approval and shortcuts.



Do not kill yourself, make sure you have time to reflect, rest, and recharge.  At least once a week reward yourself, have a little YOU time.  Review your work and look at the big picture.  You should be able to see your accomplishments and appreciate them, and yourself!


Getting work done


The Goal:


  • Plan out your objectives – Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • Specifically work on the most important, most meaningful task FIRST
  • Focus on longevity; the long-term benefit.
  • Let go of short-term benefit mentality.



2 Have and idol and work closely with them:



This is as important as taking action because you need guidance, we all do.  The benefit of having a mentor is that they offer priceless things you need.  No amount of courses, or blueprint guides out there that would supplement a mentor.


Working with someone, even if you have to pay them for coaching sessions, is directly related to how fast you grow your business.  I love shooting ideas off my mentors, and getting a second look on things I work on.  Their experience tells me that I should listen to them and I have not regretted it.



If you want to be successful, then surround yourself with the people you aspire to be like.  Nothing will get you there faster.



Search for them, ask people running successful blogs, businesses, youtube channels, or whatever area you’re focus involves.  Do not be afraid of them, they are busy too, but at some point you will find the right person.


Remember, if you need to pay a bit of money for their advice and guidance, and then consider it an extremely worthwhile expense, if not investment into your bright future!


3 Connect with ‘likeminded’ groups  – Mastermind’:


This one is a gem, and it’s usually free, if you build or create your own.  Simply working with like-minded people, who are on a similar level in their business is very motivational.  You can meet other Internet Entrepreneurs weekly or monthly and discuss obstacles and challenges you are facing or have overcome.


Another benefit is networking it will build your contact list for future opportunities to do business together, guest posting etc.  The point is to work together and learn new things and be social and not a closet entrepreneur.


You can find mastermind groups online, or in your local city:  Again, do not be afraid to reach out, more than once if necessary, because sometimes people are busy and may not respond right away.


4 Work on things that matter – Income Producing Activities:


This one is more important than taking action, but solely possible by taking action.  When you take action you have to drive superior focus to the tasks that matter.  Do things that are the most rewarding.



Working on a logo is important but not if you are without any content, product, or certainty that there is even demand for your product or service.



If you are a blogger then you need to work tirelessly on your writing skills.  Improving your writing, spending time on researching proper subjects related to your principal topic.  If you are wasting time on watching videos and worrying too much, instead of putting out content then you are not maximizing your opportunity to progress.



  • Maximize your focus on where you get the most traffic
  • Maximize your focus on what content your audience loves
  • Maximize your focus on a mentor you learn the most from
  • Maximize your time on where you make the most ground



5 Internet Entrepreneurs Test & then Test again:



This is what you’re doing when you’re taking action; seeing what works.  At the same time you naturally learn new things while testing and scaling your results.  This is the best way to find out all about different methods, tactics, and ideas.



Eventually it becomes the most exciting thing you do, because you will surprise yourself all the time!



A lot of the normal garbage you’re fed “Work hard, make quality original content”.  It’s all common sense anyway.  Do you expect things to just magically happen for you?  If you are not willing to push yourself to the limit to build your business, IT WILL FAIL.



Keep your results organized, be astute with them, because they are your lifeline!



6 Monitor your progress, but don’t drown:



There’s always time to brag about success and pop some champaign in celebration of your accomplishments.  Certainly not if you haven’t put in the work.  By raising the bar you will know you are making things happen.



But don’t get caught in the misleading poison of instant gratification.  I CANNOT emphasize this enough.  If you’re in this for the long haul, which you should be, then you need to know refreshing google analytics, to see if you received a page visit won’t get you there.



There is no measure for success when you are analyzing by the seconds and hours, you need weeks; you need significance.  Before this happens you create and work because you enjoy it.  The direction by which you are sailing as you start out is not significant, but the fact that you’re starting is!



You want it as bad as you want to breathe!  I totally get that, but you need sustainability and the determination to go the distance.  Getting confused by illegitimate means of approval is how the scammers make money from failures.


Don’t be one of the suckers…  Be yourself and do it well!



7 Do not judge yourself:



Too often have I worried about the wrong things in the wrong order, focusing on business cards, logo design, website layout, and miniature tasks of little importance.  This all before you even have a validated idea.



The pursuit of perfection is a path only the lost and hopeless will follow.



You want to be amazing, but even the most amazing people aren’t that amazing to everyone.  So you should aim to please your clients, not yourself.  They will give you the feedback and necessary information to make corrective adjustments.



Worrying and planning keep you at a standstill; you can always release or put out updates for your product & service.  Stay focused on getting it out there, not how it looks when it gets there.



8 Build a subscriber list:



It just goes without saying; start building one now, especially if this is your first day.



You need to make sure you have at least a basic means for capturing contacts.



It’s not the likes that will secure you an audience, it’s having people who, enjoy your content, products, information, and website.  You want to leverage them and send your weekly, biweekly, monthly updates.



Without having at least an option to opt-in for your audience, then it is just money on the table!



9 Learn new skills or get left behind:



This one is a tough one because you work so hard to get ahead and suddenly things are brand new again.



Well let me tell you right now, those who do not adapt die out.  You must work hard to build a strong business, but also, learn how to ride the waves of uncertainty to keep your online business alive.



You cannot rely on any one method for anything.



  • Do not rely on one traffic source
  • Do not rely on one product or income stream
  • Do not rely on one businesses (in the beginning is the exception)
  • Do not stop learning
  • Do not stop testing
  • Do not stop pushing your own limits, both professional and personal.


taking action








Now, something you should take seriously, because the opportunities are excitingly vast, is getting to work.  Don’t worry about being perfect, just go for results; you can always make touchups and alterations later.



No one person or group will always agree with what you do or even like it for that matter.  And you shouldn’t give the slightest effort to even care.  Have the courage to follow your own path, and create and build.

Let the people who worry and critique waste their time!



Keep the Entreprelution going! :)

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