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Today we have a guest post from Jennifer Mariani, Enjoy!

For some time, blogging was thought of as an online journal. There were specific groups of people who seemed to gravitate toward sharing their feelings about life, love, and other “nonsense” online. However, blogs aren’t just for mommies or tweens any more! Big business has realized the benefit in sharing useful content on the web via a blog tied to their main website.

Many companies are taking advantage of the blogging medium to provide that little something extra for their customers beyond just the company web site. Other businesses, however, feel that they do not have the time, money, or talent to write a blog worth reading. This notion could not be farther from the truth.

Boring or not, creating a blog for your company is important for several reasons.



Google and other search engines love new content. A blog is an easy way to update the site and keep visitors coming back. Company blogs should have a link back to the main site. This will help to drive traffic to and from your informational and sales content. Depending on your market, your company blog can be a great place to show the reader how to use or better use your products or services.


Your blog provides a place for internal links. Search engines like links. They even like internal links. An internal link is one that links from one place on your site to another. If you write a blog post to inform your readers about, say, budgeting, you could link to the budgeting software that you sell on the site. This technique can work both says. If you write a blog post on budgeting, you might link to the post from the budgeting software page as well.


You can establish yourself as an expert in your field through the blog. How does a customer know that they can trust you by looking at products on a site? Building credibility is more difficult to do through sales content on the main site. This authority is the name of the SEO game. With trust comes sales, but it also brings word of mouth social marketing and link sharing. Blogs offer you a chance to shine in your niche. Let the readers know that you are the one to call when they have issues. You might even be able to address these issues on the blog. Show your readers that you’re knowledgeable, you care, and you have superb customer service.

Regardless of blogging benefits, many people are still afraid to begin. Blogging does take a lot of time, energy, creativity, and some skill.

There are some ways to mitigate these obstacles to create a strong, informative, engaging company blogging platform.


  • If there is more than one strong writer on your staff, task them to help with the blog. Sharing the responsibility will take the burden off of one person.
  • Listen. If people are asking questions directly to you and your company or on the internet (think social media), go ahead and answer these questions on the blog.
  • Watch the news. Posting timely information will show your expertise and relevance in a specific market.
  • If you truly do not have the time or energy to write your own blog, you can outsource this task. Just remember that you and your company are the experts here. Contributing to your writers will make your blog better.


Don’t get discouraged if you have only a few readers during the first year or so of writing a blog. It takes time to build readership, to establish your blog as the authority on your area of expertise. Keep writing. Keep posting. Stay optimistic. Slowly but surely, if you are providing useful content to your users, you will see readership grow. Ideally this growth will translate into sales and leads for your main site as well.

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Keep pushing your Entreprelution!

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