How to be an Entrepreneur? | The right way…

How to be an entrepreneur?  The question is:  How to DO what entrepreneurs do, and what of those things, are you doing?

What do not-entrepreneurs DO?

Well let’s see…

• They search and search endlessly for how-to-manuals in the hopes of finding the holy grail. 

•  They get frustrated incredibly easy because the one thing they thought would work didn’t and that is because they do not understand the impotence of Trail & Error.

•  They ask for permission and seek approval from their colleagues, associates, friends, and yet to be audience.

•  They do not trust themselves and believe their efforts are futile, leading them to constant inaction.

Worst of all

•  They constant engage nonsensical methods – how many posts, how many comments, how many tweets etc.. – thinking this is the point and the path to success.

how to be an entrepreneur

It’s not about the $$$.

Most important I would hope you understand that making money is nice, but it isn’t reason for living, let alone what helps entrepreneurs be remarkable.  Do not doubt the complimentary aspect that being successful includes money.  No, I realized shortly after driving myself insane that being successful involves many, many other things.

Now ask your self…

–  How much is loving what you do and waking up enthralled everyday worth?

–  How much is creating products and services YOU built worth? 

–  How much is changing the lives of others and making a REAL impact on the world worth? 


So, How to be an entrepreneur?

•  Ask yourself what you most passionate believe in, why you believe in it, why that matters to you, and LOVE LIVING your life.

•  Do not follow directions, instead, TEST and analyze your own RESULTS then repeat.

•  Remember there is no right or wrong therefore permission does not exist.

•  Most important: How to be an entrepreneur is not a question. It is a legacy of results acquired over time – lead by example and let others follow.


This folks is how you be an entrepreneur. It’s not a thing, it’s a lifestyle that has not answer it’s a journey from the moment you begin it until it’s over.

Keep living the entreprelution!

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