Entrepreneurs Journey | Learning Update

Well, looking back on an entrepreneurs journey, my own, so far has been delightful.  A ton of reading, researching, writing, commenting, testing, and most important learning.  The importance of learning is to remain focused and maintain the understanding that you are responsible for your journey and the outcomes you achieve as an entrepreneur.

Never Give Up!

Trust me when I say this and it’s for your own good.  Do not, under any circumstance, give up.  I have been more frustrated, confused, lost, horrified, shocked, excited, and refreshed in the last week than I have been all year. And it’s great! 

Why? Because I have so much to gain from becoming an entrepreneur, it’s the entire reason I will be able to have the freedom I so passionately desire. It’s not a forecasted chain of events like the ironically uneventful corporate life.

I have decided to opt-in on the journey of a life time, one that other entrepreneurs and self made online business builders have done.

You can too!

If, I can setup my own buy a Domain, install WordPress, Install Plugins, learn SEO, Keyword research, Copywritting, Traffic strategies, and above all Consistency. Then why shouldn’t you be able to build your entrepreneur spirit and begin your journey.

“The information is the there for the taking and the opportunities are there for the making.” – Me.. 

entrepreneurs journey

Journey & Learning

The point is to explore, make mistakes and get up again. No one needs to give you permission to be a creator of your own destiny. The irony is we are raised to follow a set of directions and colour inside the lines. Well, now is your opportunity to take a step back and be the master of your own universe.

You need to learn, but you need to apply the incoming information into outcomes, products and results, otherwise you’ll float astray until you do!

Keep living the entreprelution!

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