My response to Patt Flynn’s interview with Dane Maxwell

Today’s post is a bit straight forward, it gave me a real moment of clarity. Allowing me to think a bit deeper about my entreprelution journey. I think it’s good though sometimes to reflect, because the biggest factor here is that this is indeed a personal journey of development and overcoming obstacles!

Here’s to the podcast

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Pat & Dane!

– Thank you for sharing such a monumentally rewarding podcast. It was deep and a few levels beyond insight!
If I have one thing grasped clearly from this podcast is “Take Action”. This has become the bottom line for any entrepreneur, any startup founder, any individual looking to pursue their passion by utilizing the internets wonderful gift of mobility.

I see myself everyday working from an apartment or cafe in some unsung location of the world. While having built a steadily thriving online empire that nets me the happiness and freedom that fuel this desire. It may shed contradiction but I do not value this desire fiscally, I have what I need and I will be happier than I am now.

Now I am a confused student – studying for exams, perfecting the grammar and punctuation on white papers and essays for professors who haven’t the ounce of assurable comprehension for who I am.

• I feel locked away in the isolated quarantine of inapplicable knowledge; some refer to it as homework. All the while they realize (the institution), that all they need do is ask for progress and submission of quality results by perhaps engaging our interests, and simply observing where we or I excel.)

• I feel condemned to the repetition of putting in effort and being made ignorant as to the who exactly benefits from the results.

• I need to build.
• I need to create.
• I need to learn from myself sometimes.
• I need to test possibilities.
• I need to push past limits.
• I need to prove people wrong sometimes.
• I need to be around people who are passionate.
• I need to make my own rules not be told what they are.

– I could go on for a long, long time!

The point is that I have not found these to be conceivable ideologies when everything I am asked of is preordained. How does an individual create unique objects, ideas, or outcomes, when they’re already given a circumstance with which the borders are predefined? The answer: BE COME AN ENTREPRENEUR says the people who seemingly get the bigger picture.

“What’s stopping me from taking action?”

I believe, the causing of my inability to act is simple: a fear of being wrong. A fear of making a mistake, the mistake that will cause the world to end.

Is that really true? Will that really happen? “Probably not” – My Logic. But! But My body tells me otherwise, the stinging sensation of feeling sick to my stomach, it paralyzes me into being afraid.

Well no more! No more being afraid of what people expect of me. And no more letting the truly ignorant, who think they know me, tell me what is best for me or what is the right thing to do!

I will discover that now for myself, thank you very much! I will!

Thank you Dane & Patt for such a reincarnating moment and platform to build an abundantly joyful life from this point!

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