Freedom to Fail Fast | Stop asking questions, NOW!

It’s ok you have my permission and the freedom to fail fast. You do not need to keep asking yourself whether you will or won’t succeed, just go ahead and fail!

Dare to Dream

Then go fail! You see the point of this is to get you reduce your thinking, analyzing and contemplation. You must drive forward and find out for yourself if your ideas or efforts are going to succeed.

There are no tricks, secrets, roadmaps, or free rides. You need to fail, and fail fast to get where you plan on going in this game.


You’re more than welcome to strategize and have a game plan. It’s always good to be prepared, but you need to know that action says it all.

So start making those calls, writing your blog posts, filming your videos, editing your pitch for the VC appointment you have next week.


If I can fail, you can too!


Until next time entreprelutioners!

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