Having ideas Vs Take Action | Who wins?

I will dive into having an idea vs taking action and try to explain to you the difference.    You need to start with one, but not necessarily to achieve the other in either case.

The Secret…  Shh!

The secret is there is no secret, the big idea of take action is that you will learn far more than sitting in your room.  Trying to refine the perfect idea, and then find a moment to take action.  I know it sounds counterintuitive, but, you have to understand that ideas aren’t worth their salt without action.

You may spend hours upon hours bouncing of the walls of your imagination.  Even having emotional highs and lows to compliment the borderline insanity.  Well Stop that, right now!

take action

Take action that’s all!

Just get going, move move move! Just think about it and start experimenting, if you have an idea take action and see it through. If you fall into the “blueprint mentality”, you’ll be doomed.  There is no successful individual in the universe who would walk you through his accomplishment’s history and show you all the methods he used moment by moment. Never going to happen!


Entrepreneur ideas

take action

There is always a moment to consider the situation, and how to move forward. But that can route 101 to not take action and remain idol!  So do not get yourself caught up in the game of chasing your tail.  If you are smart you, and take action then you will learn the most valuable lesson in the game; EXPERIENCE.


Until next time entreprelution people, be busy!


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