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The right key to success as an entrepreneur might include your Idea Generation Techniques or simply idea building tactics.  The point is we try to come up with so many ideas and smash our heads against the wall doing so, well not anymore!

Finding your solutions

This is not a gimmick this is where the raw creation happens to take place.  You set out to find ways to bring solutions to the tables of  the painful suffering of businesses and your future customers.  Tastefully you must explore and investigate the environment.  Learning as much as you can about your customers in order to extract the crucial details and compile your offerings.

idea generation techniques

Tactics for landing solutions

I like to imagine a world where I am a go-to type of guy, and so should you.  The techniques for idea generation are simply: Ask Questions!

• Take charge and care for your clients and get to know their pain points.

• Observe their routines and the routine of their businesses in action.


Constructing idea generation techniques

You have to take charge with the answers your clients are giving you. These are the diamonds you must refine and magically generate ideas that are solution worthy.

The magic is not in the fishing pole, or catching the fish for that matter. It resides within the idea generation techniques, like herbs and butters, that compliment your cooking and you take a bite and realize what you have done (Cooked).

Idea Generation Technique
Locating and refining –
are the tools used to fetch potential solutions to the pain points of your clients!

• So we harvest those ideas generation techniques and build them because you are an !ENTREPRENEUR! right?

Finally the best begins when you start to validate those ideas in further dialogue with your client. We will elaborate on that in a future post.


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