Business Plan or No Plan | What should you do?

The useful dynamic of using a Business Plan or No Plan might create some confusion for people.  Especially if you consider the abundant selection of Business Plan templates and software to select.

Try to imagine the implementation of your idea, putting it into action, and building it.  The process so carefully crafted by the countless hours you have invested into your business plan.  Well I suppose that works nicely if you live in a fantasy island where all business are built to perfection. 

It doesn’t work that way, and here’s why:



• Most business plans are never followed line-for-line because of the ever changing environment and conditions.  I find it safe to say that only the strong survive, but also the creative, the ones who are agile and flexible; another strength based asset.

• You cannot always predict the future, and most certainly never guarantee it.

• The original idea is susceptible to entrepreneurial evolution, or as here we like to call it –Entreprelution.  Meaning the idea can change and grow to suit different markets, different targeted audiences.  Simply because you’re trying to provide your service or product for as many buyers as you can possibly accommodate.

business plan

So you see my friends being prepared is quite wonderful, being ready for anything is how a winner wins. However, you do not try to burry yourself in preparedness and simply fail to act on your plan!

In knowing this I would like you to foresee yourself doing excellent and help yourself by doing something you know needs doing. Take the action to write that post, or make that video, or find the perfect song for your intro. I personally use on my ipad mini, it helps me bring structure to my ideas!

When you find yourself busy doing, that’s when the magic starts to take place and ROI starts to take its place!

Keep living the Entreprelution!


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