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Entrepreneur Career Path


Can you imagine an Entrepreneur Career Path, the new and more desirable career is one of sovereign identity and unparalleled freedom.

What the hell am I talking about?  Well..  It all has to do with you, and what you want to do.  Beginning with following your passions and building a business.  More specifically using your laptop or mobile device to run an online enterprise from a location of your choosing!

•  www.entrepreneur.com

But is it really that simple, is anything ever that simple?  No, you have to work your ass off in an unstructured battleground and build your business.  Just like most entrepreneurial success stories, they’re sometimes filled with trial and error but always contain determination from start to finish.  The word stop does not exist in their business plan, nor does it have a place.  And that is both the beauty and hell of becoming an entrepreneur.  You have the abundant opportunity to follow your dream and build something for yourself, with your own two hands, making up rules as you go a long.

You see, I myself, am a business student of commerce.  Having studied some of the most boring classes imaginable and the most enlightening.  First and foremost, I strongly encourage everyone  to experience university it will help you define yourself, better yet discover yourself, and help guide you down the road of life.

The endless amount of resources and professors most of whom have higher education can provide insight into your wonders, the last stage where you’re truly free to explore and use your imagination.  After university comes real, the daunting and redundant way of life of paying your bills and being the cog at your company, a well behaved cog in the wheel of corporate life.

I’m not against building a sustainable life for yourself.  Merely asking the question of what do you want out of life?  And , what are you willing to put in or invest in relationship to your ROI expectations?

And that’s just it… You get what you give!

The dream, as a student, is usually to get a good internship and gain some so called “valuable work experience”.  Although some students, having taken this matter into their own hands have created their own rules and results for professional experience. The high risk – high rewards game of entrepreneurship. Ty goal is to become and self-made individual, and not just when a fiscal report is concerned.  The excitement I foresee in building my own life has so many sentimental and undefinable rewards; filling me with energy!

Because I do not know the future, I cannot provide you the how-to steps necessary to reach success. That’s the wonderful underscore this post is suppose to give you (spoiler alert). Get off your ass and get to making shit happen, learn from actually falling down and getting up; experience will set you free and provide all the answers!

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