Welcome to Entreprelution

Hello Entrepreneurs!,

This being the first post from entreprelution.com I’m aiming to introduce myself and hope that one day, looking back, I will have successfully met my ambitious goals with accomplishment!

Nothing is further from that than right now, but half the journey is supposedly beginning your entrepreneurial pursuits, and as you tackle those endeavours you learn a lot about yourself. As I have, I’m not entirely brand new to being present online, but now I’m looking to make a stake for myself while hopefully meeting some epic individuals and teams a long the way.

Our adventure will, and should include:

  • unconventional interviews of amazing online businesses, understanding their own adventures and how they might relate to yours!
  • unique blog posts outlining students eager to begin their own businesses,┬ávideos, and informational segments.

This website is going to be built and structured on increasing an audience and improving my own skills and abilities throughout the journey.

I hope to uncover some spectacular information and insight from the online business arena. That you the reader and I myself can use in our own agendas, creating value and not remaining mutually exclusive from one another.

I am to be interactive and engaging with my audience and I hope you’re up for that because I’m already excited to get going and start the process!…

Keep on keeping on keep on with this entreprelution! :)




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    Looks like you’re just getting started! Way to take action dude, I’m really loving the domain name.

    Just wanted to leave a comment and wish you well on an epic entrepreneurial or should I say – entreprelutional – journey!

    Best of luck with everything and if you ever need help or just want to mastermind, don’t hesitate to ask!

    Your marketing pal

    - Chris

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